Be Irresistible to Your Customers

With Proven Marketing Systems and Cutting Edge Tactics

Having an existing business, you’re a little ahead of the game. However, being “open for business” won’t do much unless you have a healthy flow of customers contacting you. That takes marketing……and that’s where we come in.

Two Outcomes to Your Visit Today

So here's the part where you've scrolled down a bit to check us out.  Cool.

Right now you have two options:

  1. You like this unique approach to home page copy and click around some more....maybe even fill out the Apply page with your company info <--- (Do this ONLY if you want to go down the rabbit's hole to more leads, customers, get the picture.)
  2. You leave and go to something else. But here's the deal, my ads are going to follow you all over Youtube, Google, Facebook, Twitter and any other source of media I can use to get my brand and message in front of you again. (Hey, you may be coming back as a result of click one of those ads. If so, I want to hear about it.

Agency Pages Are Boring!

Have you checked out my competition? Is it not boring out there?

I'm not one to throw stones at glass houses. You should've seen this page when I first started out. No Ambien needed in those days. If my kids were having trouble sleeping I'd just start reading my company home page. Out in no time flat.

But there's something inherently wrong with not having personality beyond "we market stuff" on the home page. I's the FIRST IMPRESSION..usually.

With that said, you'll find mostly non-boring info here. Pardon the feature based jargon, but you do have to understand what makes our approach to marketing so effective.

With that said, scroll down just a little and see some key benefits we live by.

--Patrick Kenney
Founder and Digital Marketing Expert here at Viral Velocity

60 Day + Return

Results. You want them. You need them. That's why you can expect massive results in a short period of time. Ask us how 9 out of 10 clients enjoy a positive return in less than 60 days (usually less than 30).

Attention Grabbing

Your business can't grown on just one source of leads. That's why we test them all for you. The end results is commanding your prospects attention. That's all that matters.

No BS Approach

You're great at delivering your service. Excellent. You'll enjoy a straight forward, results first approach to growing your brand and selling your services. No sugar coating here, just stellar results.

Effective Marketing Without Overwhelm

You need more customers. That takes traffic. Not just any traffic. The right traffic.

...but how do you run your business AND have enough time to choose, test and implement the right traffic sources for your business?

Fact is, you can't...unless you give up sleep.

Whatever your goals are we have tried and true systems that will work for you and your business.

With a proven track record of success, life changing results await. You merely need to take the action and contact us today.

We have the recipe and we do the baking.
(No outsourcing)

  • Up to date --We’re involved in elite Marketing and SEO masterminds rubbing elbows with the industry’s finest.
  • Labor of love- -This is our profession. We love it, live it and breathe it.
  • Easy access -- Tired of waiting for the 8-5ers to get respond? Not with us. You can't live and breathe just get the point.