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Better Traffic

Would a Lexus dealer rather have 300 low income showroom visitors or 30 high net worth showroom customers?

Quality matters. Start with better traffic, not necessarily more.

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Better Leads

Would a Mercedes dealer rather have 30 high net worth executive professionals or 30 high net worth cattle farmers?

Qualifying your traffic matters. Being magnetic is key.

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More $$

How many leads does it take to fill a bank account?

Perfecting the ask matters. Timing the offer translates leads to $$.

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If you want immediate, quality results from your internet marketing, Patrick and Viral Velocity will put you on top. His hard work and dedication are exemplary. My office started seeing a noticeable increase in phone calls literally within days of working with Viral Velocity. Patrick is ahead of his time and his ideas and strategies are cutting edge. You will NOT be disappointed. Viral Velocity receives my highest praise!

Dr. Jason Petrungaro

I started working with Patrick a few months ago and have already seen an increase in my referrals as well as a big increase in my online rankings. He has been professional and diligent in working with us to achieve our goals. He is always available to answer questions and we could not be happier with the results he has shown us so far.

Dr. Jim Shoukas

What Sets Us Apart

Be honest, you don’t really care about SEO, PPC, Facebook or any of the jargon that floods your inbox. That’s our job.

We’ll help you profile your ideal customer, determine where they are spending their time and help you craft a powerful message that gets their attention.

Sure….we’ll likely use some mixture of paid and organic traffic but only when it makes sense and it’s measurable.

Because, as a business owner you’re focused on increasing revenue and lowering costs.

We are, too. ​

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