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Patrick Kenney is a digital marketing expert specializing in behavioral marketing. With a background in computer science and psychology, Patrick spends his time constructing intricate marketing funnels using the latest and greatest technology and tactics. He is also an avid gear head/auto enthusiast.

Why You Should Diversify Away From Facebook

…if you’re not already. Where should you be advertising in 2019 (and beyond)? May I present a some sobering stats for anyone currently advertising or considering advertising on Facebook. – Facebook usage declined 20% last quarter. YES…..20% ūüė≥ – Facebook cost per click advertising increased 163% since the beginning of 2018– Facebook click through rates decreased 38% […]

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How to Get Local Leads and Customers With Banner Ads

Banner advertising is one of the most effective yet frequently overlooked online advertising mediums. Coupled with the right strategy, banner advertising can transform any struggling local business into a profit producing machine. In this post, I will share a little know and even lesser used strategy you can use immediately to collect high quality leads […]

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How to Get 10 Times More Leads with Google’s Call-Only Campaigns

Did you know, 70% of mobile searches result in a phone call to a business? Released in 2015, Google’s call-only campaign feature is still one of the most powerful features often ignored or overlooked by businesses. Nearly every potential customer for your business is carrying a phone in their pocket. With a mobile customer base, […]

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How to Setup 12 Months of Facebook Ads in 7 Minutes

Creating and running Facebook Ads for your business can seem overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Plus, plenty of so called “agencies” would have you stay in the dark so they can keep charging high fees. In this video, I show you a simple and effective strategy you can use right now to […]

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Want To Super Charge Your Sales? Push This Button

Seek first to understand, then to be understood. – Stephen Covey Before attempting to sell any product or service you must know your customers. Where do they¬†hang out? What are their¬†daily habits? Use our Ideal Customer Avatar¬†Worksheet to define who you are selling to. Now, let’s get to super charging your sales… It’s the same […]

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How to Reach More Local Customers With Google My Business

Setup and Optimize Your Google ‚ÄėMy Business‚Äô Page Create a Google+ Page – To reach your customers on Google local (also called Google Maps), you need a Google My Business page! ‚Ė™ If you don‚Äôt already¬†have a page simply visit this link¬† ‚Ė™ If you do, skip to the next section on ‚ÄėCompleting Page Info‚Äô.¬† […]

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How to Reach More Local Customers With Facebook

The number one complaint I hear from local business owners is “If I could just get in front of my ideal customers I know they’d want to do business with me.” Well, here’s one quick and easy way to get in front of more¬†ideal customers. 1. Setup and Optimize Your Facebook for Business Page Create […]

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How to Generate and Post Viral Content For Your Business

Do you struggle to reach your target marketing? In this quick tutorial, I walk you through; How to find viral content ideas fast. How to legally copy and past articles to you blog. How to format it for maximum exposure on Facebook ….and how fast it can go viral. Watch video 1 and be sure […]

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The Facebook Ad Type You Didn’t Know You Needed

On October 7th, Facebook revealed a new ad format; Lead Gen Ads. This new format allows advertisers to integrate lead generation forms within the Mobile Newsfeeds (mobile is the only device supported as of this writing). When a mobile visitor clicks a newsfeed ad, they are presented with a form prepopulated with their Facebook contact […]

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My Interesting Experience With BNI Visitors Day

When I walk¬†in at 7:05 am, I have¬†an open mind about the whole thing.¬†But much like second-hand accounts of movies never compare to seeing it with your own eyes, second-hand accounts of BNI just don’t compare to experiencing it for yourself. Having read Brandon Rossen’s post about BNI, I am¬†well prepared for the worst….or so […]

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